Our story & mission


The Story

The story of PSYCHOTIC begins with our founder, Shota Lomtadze. He embarked on a great adventure to discover the true essence of pure pleasure in fragrance. His mission was to share with the world the various manifestations of this enchanting essence.

In 2020, the entire globe was immersed in a surreal state and the prospect of the world returning to normal was unknown. Amidst chaos, Shota perceived an opportunity to infuse the word “Psychotic” with positivity and significance, turning the concept for the brand into a reality.

Shota Lomtadzece sought to redefine the word “Psychotic” by giving it a positive tone, transcending the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary – realising his visionary dreams to shake up the traditional codes of perfumery.


The Philosophy

A sheer drop of pure pleasure transformed into a magical elixir
– a remedy that heals and revitalises, infusing joy and hope into the
lives of individuals.

PSYCHOTIC fragrances are a guiding light, demonstrating the power of imagination, a reminder that even in the midst of madness, beauty and enchantment persist.

From the heart of London, our extraordinary brand emerges, forever altering the perception of what it means to embody the essence of "PSYCHOTIC".

Our Mission

At PSYCHOTIC, we are committed to crafting addiction to pure pleasure through our distinctive line of fragrances.


Our exceptional aromas radiate from a whimsical universe, captivating the world with their irresistible charm.

Our Culture

PSYCHOTIC is for those who:

Love the sense of risk-taking,
Like to test their limits,
Live to be on the edge,
Look to explore the unusual.

PSYCHOTIC is like a secret club where every member is a passionate dreamer.


‘PSYCHOTIC’ alludes to the exploration of complex emotions, often described as a blend of contradictions. It is rather a nod to aspects typically associated with psychosis, without delving into the clinical characteristics of mental health.

Psychotic London is a brand that celebrates duality, where elements coexist in perfect harmony, complementing each other yet merging to create a simply unique sensory experience.

This duality lies, amongst other things, in the coexistence between the romanticism of the delicate English rose and the traditionalism of the rebellious Scottish tartan. These symbols represent a harmonious blend between classicism and modernity, carrying a contemporary and sophisticated touch.

In a world often filled with contradictions and contrasts, Psychotic London embraces the beauty of duality making it the heart and soul of our brand.


Our Symbols

PSYCHOTIC finds inspiration from 19th century Romanticism and eccentric 20th century British humour.

With its opulent baroque bottle, striped pattern and distinctive logo, PSYCHOTIC takes you on a timeless and emotive journey.

The Rose, a revered Queen of the olfactory world, is the natural choice for our brand. Our emblematic bold rock rose, embodies the heart and soul of PSYCHOTIC and our distinctive stripes pay homage to Scottish tartan. They artfully blend, symbolising a creative harmony of tradition and innovation.

This reflects the spirit of PSYCHOTIC and its deep connection to London, where founder Shota Lomtadze sought inspiration and fell in love with its rhythm and style.

With PSYCHOTIC. we take you on a journey through time and emotion, inviting you to explore the essence of a bygone era and the playful spirit of modernity.

Born in London.
Made in France.

Born in London
Made in France



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